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December 2, 2019
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Dear Patients,

In the interest of patient and public safety, we would like to announce that with immediate effect, we have closed our dental practice for anything except URGENT treatment. All treatment involving aerosol usage can not be provided. This is in conjunction with BDA and government advice.

We can only provide URGENT treatment of the following list:

🦷 Sharp broken teeth – that are causing significant pain from the sharpness and need TEMPORARY fillings.

🦷 Facial swelling – it is URGENT that you make an appointment if this is the case. Appropriate antibiotics may be needed.

🦷 Tooth ache – that can not be controlled with pain killers. Please be aware we can only currently provide extractions. We can not treat toothache that requires the use of the dental drill, as we cannot provide this treatment safely. If it is determined that it could be needed after we have assessed you, you will need to be further referred to 111 NHS.

Dental Logic will be open to offer dental advice on the phone for any URGENT matters.

Hopefully this will be at an end soon. Take care & be safe.

The Dental Logic Team

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